*This novella is intended for Mature Audiences only*

“Deceived” is an erotic prequel to the Starting Over Trilogy. This novella tells the story of Mason Myles and Julia Johnson’s dating and breakup. It also tells the story of how Mason Myles met the irresistible Angel Perez. I am hoping this erotic novella will explain why celibacy before marriage became important to Mason.

This is the one and only erotic book you’ll ever read of mine. I had many readers inquire why Mason was celibate, and this novella hopefully will explain it. This is written for the erotic genre, but my writing will almost always be in Contemporary Romance. Please keep in mind that this novella is not representative of my current writing style.

Deceived was released as part of the Angels Sinners : An Anthology and is currently not available for download.  You can purchase a pocket sized print edition for $7.00 directly from Brenda Kennedy.